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Jimmy’s Family Restaurant has been providing delicious, made to order food to happy customers in the Burlington area for many years. Continue reading below to hear what our customers have to say!

From: Jackie B.
Billerica, MA
“One of my favorite breakfast places. Huge and extensive menu, but I get the Southern Omelet with a pancake on the side every time. The omelet is always delicious and very filling, yummy, crispy potatoes and the pancake is always a nice sweet side. The coffee is good and I rarely ever get lower than half a cup before they are there to refill it.”

From: Ram K
Burlington, MA
“Friendly staff. Good food. Probably the only diner style place in that area.”

From: Linda N.
Burlington, MA
“I go here 1-2 times per month on a Friday for chit chat time with a good friend. We walk in and they say a friendly hello from where ever they may be- I like that.”

From: Brad L.
Boston, MA
“One of the best home style breakfast diners in town! Reminds me of my home town and a local restaurant that was family owned that I used to go to for breakfast. Great friendly staff, townie environment (if you’re into that thing), and great food for a great price. A+!”

From: Sara A.
North Quincy, MA
“[The restaurant] is just generally a chill, friendly place to eat with good food and happy, satisfied customers. What’s better than that on a lazy Sunday morning?”

From David L.
Medford, MA
“The eggs benedict was amazing , and quite a bargain for $6.00.”

From: Stephen Harrison
“This family-run diner is really wonderful. The food’s good but that’s not why you go. It’s really because everyone knows everyone else and new folks are welcomed with very open arms.”

From: Melissa – Aug 27, 2008

Jimmy's Family Restaurant